Test bench PT-001B


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Name:Test bench PT-001B

Category:Test bench for PT pump

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PT-001B CUMMINS pump test stand

PT-001B test stand useful for test, repair, measuring CUMMINS PT pump.


1. Adjust speed with the inverter,which have high accuracy, easy operate, save energy.

2. The flowmeter,pressure gauge and vacuum gauge in U.K system. 

3. The main flowmeter have specific design dual scale.

Speed 0-4200R.P.M Pressure Gauge 0-400psi
Main Flowmeter 75-2400Lb/h Idle/Leakage Flowmeter 10-760 cc/min
Vacuum Gauge 0-30 in.Hg Air Pressure Gauge 0-30psi
Power Consumption


Power Supply AC 380V 50Hz
Direct power supply 0-30V 3A Fuel Temperature 38��2��
Dimensions 600��1000��1630 Weight 350Kg