Test bench PT-001A


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Name:Test bench PT-001A

Category:Test bench for PT pump

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 PT-001A PT pump mobile test bench

With PT-001A test unit you can test CUMMINS P.T pumps on your exiting test bench-regardless of its make as long as it meets the necessary power and speed requirements.

The PT-001A has the same flowmeter and gauges as the PT-001 except digital tachometer. 

Pressure Gauge 0-400psi Fuel temperature 38��2��
Main Flowmeter 75-2400Lb/h Idle/Leakage Flowmeter 10-760cc/min
Vacuum Gauge 0-30 in.Hg Air Pressure Gauge 0-30psi
Power Consumption 1.2Kw Power Supply AC 220V 50Hz
Dimensions 600��1000��1690 Weight 65Kg