Test bench for PT-200A




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Name:Test bench for PT-200A

Category:Test bench for PT pump

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PT-200A injector test stand is used to calibrate the CUMMINS N.K.L10 and M11 series injectors. The camshaft is driven accuratedly by means of the timing belt and toothed pulley. The clamping and unclamping of the injector is achieved by hydraulic system with conversion. The fuel supply arm is self-sealed. The injector can be burnished while being clamped. The test stand has cam index mechanism so that the cam is always on the top dwell when the injector is being clamped and ensure the fixture keep the same position to the camshaft, this improves the accuracy of the metering system. The fuel temperature is automatically controlled, the heater will heat the fuel when the temperature is lower than specified value and the cooler will cool the fuel when the temperature is higher than specificed value.