Main Specifications:

1.Output Power: 4KW

2.Motor Speed Ranger:0---2000rpm

3.Temperature Control Range:40±2℃

4.Driving Currency of the Injector(Max): 28A

5.Injection Time:100---3000μs

6.Pressure Regulating Range:0---2000Bar

7.Pressure Control Accuracy:±0.5Mpa

8.Flow Testing Range:0---600ml/1000times

9.Flow Testing Accuracy:0.1ml

10.Cooling Method:Water Cooling or Fan Cooling


Main Functions:

1.Applied to test common rail injectors of Bosch, Denso, Delphi, Caterpillar etc.

2.Could test the leakage, and the flow volumes under different working status, such as the fuel flow volume under backflow, pre-injection, idling, full-loaded and the emission.

3.Check the common rail injector and judge the status is OK or BAD

4.Could edit the injection curve

5. The operators could edit the testing steps as request

6.The testing results could be saved and printed

7.The testing data of new injectors could be set and saved in the software

8.With the same high precision flow meters as EPS815's

9.With hundreds of standard testing data inside the testing software

10.With various accessories for different common rail injectors