Main Specification:

1.Motor power:4KW

2.Pressure control range: 10-1800bar

3.Pressure control accuracy:آ±3bar

4.Injection frequency setting range:100-1500Times/min

5.Metering range of the flow meter:0.1ml-2000ml/1000times

6.Fuel tank capacity:12L

7.Filter accuracy:3um

8.Temperature range:30-50℃


Main Functions:

1.Test common rail injectors of BOSCH, DELPHI, DENSO

2.Check the sealing of CR injectors

3.Check the backflow and the injection volume under full-loaded status 

4.Test the injection volume at the emission point

5.Test the flow volume of idling status

6.Test the pre-injected volume of the CR injectors

7.Clean  the injectors while testing

8.Testing data could be saved

9.Standard parameters settable

10.Determine the injectors are good or bad automatically