Nozzle tester PD400


Technical specification:

1. Max pressure   400 bar ( 600)

2. Adjustable delivery 0~500mm3/colpo

3. Chronometer  0-99.99sec

4. Oil tank  2.5L

5. AC supply  220V  50Hz   0.5A

6. On request 110V   50Hz



The nozzle tester PD400 allows to check the operation and to carry out the injectors calibration by means of a pneumatic hydraulic servo system the improves considerably the intervention accuracy and avoid using the traditional lever, otherwise the 0-400 bar gauge allows to calibrate the nozzle opening pressure.                                                        

An adjustable clamp allows locking and testing all type and shape injectors. A forced air system allows disposing the injectors spray collected in a capable tank with a filtering system. A digital chronometer allows checking the nozzle pressure drop time between two settled values.