Technical Specifications:

1. Power: 11Kw,15Kw,18.5Kw

2. Rated Voltage: 220V/380V/415V

3. Rated Voltage: 50/60Hz

4. Cylinders: 6/12

5. Speed Range : 0----5000rpm

6. Temperature Control Range : 42℃, Accuracy:±2℃

7. Fuel supply pressure range: 0----0.4Mpa

8. Feed Volume Measurement Range: 0.1ml----2000ml

9. Return Volume Measurement Range: 1----600L/H

10. Rail pressure: UP TO 2500Bar

11. Cooling capacity: 5000Kal 


Main Characteristics:

For testing and calibrating:

1.For the testing of different common rail pumps

BOSCH:CP1,CP2,CP3 pumps


DELPHI pumps

2.For the testing of common rail injectors of BOSCH,DENSO,DELPHI.

3.For the testing  piezo injectors of BOSCH,DENSO,VDO