ADM 8715



1. For the testing of the common rail pumps of BOSCH CP1、CP2、CP3, DENSO HP0、


2. Test the flow control valve of the common rail pumps.

3. Test the sealing of the CR injectors,Piezo injector, the injection  flow volume under full-loaded, emission point, idling and the pre-injection, also back flow volume.


Main parameters:

1. Main motor power:15KW(20HP) ;

2. Working voltage: 3 phase 220/380/415V、    50HZ/60HZ;

3. Speed range: 0—4000rpm;

4. Supply pressure of the testing fuel: 0—4bar;

5. Fuel tank capacity: 80L;

6. Currency control range: 0—3A;

7. Injection width control range: 100--3000µs;

8. Injection volume range: 0.1ML—2000ML/1000times;

9. Backflow measuring range: 1—600L/H;

10. Pressure control range: 0—2000BAR;

11. Fuel temperature range: 30--60℃;

12. Cooling method: Compressor cooling

13.Cooling capacity: 5000KAL