The development history of high pressure common rail products and high pressure common rail for four

High pressure common rail system is the nineties of the 20th century started development of a new generation of diesel engine fuel injection system, because of its obvious technical advantages, quickly replaced the inline pump and electric monomer pump, electric control of VE distribution pump, Cummings pressure injection system caps and other traditional diesel electronic control fuel injection system, become a mainstream technology route of the fuel system of diesel engine.
High pressure common rail technology from the Swiss Federal Institute of technology in Zurich (abbreviated as ETH), according to the Wikipedia web site. In 1960s, Huber Robert, a professor of the Institute, successfully developed the prototype of the diesel engine electronically controlled common rail system. In 1983, Marco Ganser at the ETH to "electronically controlled accumulator injection system for passenger car diesel Engines: theoretical and experimental studies for the subject received a doctor of engineering degree. This is in the world, the first generation of high-pressure common rail technology research papers.
After the completion of the first generation of common rail technology research and development, ETH continues to conduct in-depth research, and in 2001 released the second generation of high pressure common rail technology. The second generation of common rail technology in the injector by the center storage principle of pressure and avoid the nozzle dual parts at both ends of the pressure difference caused by high pressure fuel leakage, slender high pressure oil orifice fuel injection quantity is not uniform, particle stuck fuel injector malfunction and other unfavorable factors, more suitable for China's fuel situation. In addition, the second generation technology in the high-pressure pump on the use of forced lubrication, making the second generation high-pressure common rail system initially designed to reach 1800bar.
- Europe and Japan actively developed high pressure common rail products
Based on eth of the first generation of high pressure common rail technology research, Japan electric loading Fujisawa Eiya et al developed in 1995 ECU-U2 common rail system and used for heavy-duty trucks Hino rising ranger of J08C diesel engine. In 1990, the Italy Ricerche Fiat and Elasis Magneti Centro Marelli also developed the use of high pressure common rail technology, sold to the German company BOSCH responsible for mass production.
In 1997, CDI diesel engine with Bosch's first generation of high pressure common rail products application in Fiat Alfa Romeo 156 car 2.4 JTD diesel engine and Mercedes Benz C 220 sedan and soon replaced the electronically controlled ve distribution pump and other traditional fuel system, become the mainstream of diesel engines in the world, is known as one of the three major breakthrough in engine technology in the 20th century.
As the first generation of high pressure common rail products the highest pressure is 1350bar, Bosch improved will be the maximum pressure is increased to 1450bar, for light and medium diesel engines, known as the second generation of Bosch common rail system product, was introduced into China in 2004. The Bosch in China IV stage promotion is second generation common rail products upgraded version, the maximum pressure to 1600bar, and import the Wuxi Weifu group, development and production of cb18, CB08 high-pressure pump and localization to reduce the high pressure common rail products production cost. In addition, BOSCH CPN2 for heavy duty diesel engine common rail high pressure pump is in the acquisition of Japanese companies ZEXEL technology, also introduced in China in 2004.
Besides Bosch, Delphi company in the United States inherited the British Lucas CAV Ltd in 1998 in the SAE years published compact type oil injector structural design, for the light duty diesel engine common rail products launched; Siemens, Germany first in the world launched a piezoelectric type common rail injector, in Europe and the United States have a very small amount of application examples, such as the Ford in Brazil produce 1.8 liters of diesel engine.
As for the Japanese electricity, in 1999, its second generation common rail products ECD-U2P system to increase the maximum pressure to 1600bar. In 2003, electric power installed in the face, light diesel engine HP3, HP4 high pressure pump, the maximum pressure to 1800bar. In addition, Cummins in high pressure heavy duty diesel engine development, production structure and similar BOSCH common rail system.
The fresh air introduced the second generation of high pressure common rail technology
Eth of the second generation of high pressure common rail technology got attention of Germany Liebherr group, set up a special company CRT for the second generation of high-pressure common rail technology for mass production process development and adaptability improvement, 2005 to China, Japan to sell the technology.
2006, Liaoning new wind group spent 5 million euros to buy the German Liebherr group's high pressure common rail technology license, laid the foundation for the technical advantage. As a result, the new air is developed on the second generation high pressure common rail technology in the world.
With the second-generation high-pressure co rail technology advantage of air pressure common rail products won the Great Wall, cloud, laidong diesel engine manufacturing enterprises and Fukuda, GAC Gonow, ZTE, panthers, Kama and favor of automobile manufacturing enterprise, by the end of 2014, equipped with fresh air common rail system of Fu Tian, GAC Gonow, ZTE, panthers, Kama, brand of the light truck, micro card, pickup listed one after another to meet countries will be fully implemented the State IV emission standard.
Xinfeng group at high pressure is rail product development and industrialization of success out of the a introduction, digestion and absorption to the road of innovation, has formed a strong R & D team and product platform, with the three-dimensional simulation analysis and hydraulic simulation, CAE design, testing, analysis and independent research and development of skills. In meet VI emission standard, high pressure common rail products, fresh air is with international enterprises, research institutes jointly developed common rail injection products 2200-2500bar high-pressure, gradually realize an annual output of 2 million sets of high pressure common rail system of ability, and suitable research and development capabilities.