The electric vehicle will not need the battery to focus the wireless wheel motor

According to Automotive News website Autoblog reports, in the 29th session of the world assembly of electric vehicles, electric drive innovation conference and Exhibition (EVS29), scientists and engineers have again focused on infinity in wheel motor (wireless an motor), the technology or cause future electric vehicles without the need of a battery.
Previously, the media have a large number of reported technology hub motor, wheel mounted motor technology, it is the biggest characteristic is power device, a transmission device and a braking device are integrated together to the wheel hub, will be greatly simplifies the mechanical parts of the electric vehicle. In addition to this obvious advantage, the hub motor can also achieve more complex driving mode, more convenient to re energy vehicles.
But now learning community for in wheel motor still exist some questions, for example, spring quality and hub of the moment of inertia will increase, affect the vehicle's control; moreover, motor efficiency will doubt, especially in the harsh environment of in wheel motor performance still need further testing.
Even so, scientists at the University of Tokyo have been further, they have begun to study the wireless wheel motor, and look forward to the use of magnetic induction wire, electromagnetic coil through the air to pass energy, instead of conductive physical wire. This technology has become the headlines last year, in this year's EVS29 conference, University of Tokyo graduates Takeuchi Takuma further demonstrate the working principle and advantages of wireless wheel motor.
Takeuchi said that the advantages of wireless wheel motor more, and the use of electric vehicles will be more efficient. First, wireless motor do not have to worry about wires leakage or broken; is even more gratifying, wireless motor can also use induction on the road charging station of electric recharging and storing energy.
According to reports, by the end of 2015, wireless hub motor can be in the range of 20 centimeters of air (no obstacle) energy transfer, transfer efficiency is 95%, and the driving test of small cars, speed per hour can be up to 45 miles per (72.4 km / h). As Takeuchi is about to work at TOYOTA, the next group of students at the University of Tokyo will set up a test drive on campus to further study and upgrade the technology.
The world of pure electric vehicles, hybrid car and Fuel Cell Symposium and Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the electric vehicle in the World Conference and exhibition, abbreviated EVs), most influential, the highest level of conference and exhibition in today's world in the field of new energy vehicles, the 29th of EVs on June 19 to 21 in Montreal, Canada, organized.