Continental New turbocharger using advanced technology

Continental group first adopted the advanced RAAX? Turbine turbocharger has been used in the Audi A3 new 2.0 liter turbocharged petrol engine in (2.0lTFSIEA888. 3b). This opened a new chapter in continental turbocharger business. Engine reaction speed is significantly accelerated just one of the new advantages. Auto parts supplier continental group 2011 began to get involved in this field, despite belonging to the turbocharger market rising star, but soon won the prestigious. Continental turbocharger the earliest is loaded on a Ford 1 liter EcoBoost gasoline engine, and soon won the world automobile engine, the highest award - "international engine of the year" Award - and in the period 2012-2014 for three consecutive years won the award. 2015 with the continental group turbocharger, an engine once again won the award, the award-winning products for the BMW I8 hybrid power system. Continental group engine system business unit responsible person (including turbocharger product line) WolfgangBreuer pointed out: the global demand for turbocharger (especially in the field of gasoline engine) is growing rapidly. We have obvious advantages in this market, we are very pleased to be able to rely on our innovative and reliable solutions to win the Audi car company this important customer. RAAX technology is currently installed in the Audi group A3 engine platform, it will help us to further consolidate the market position. With the completion of the new plant in China and North America, our business will achieve a greater growth, China and North America is expected to start production in 2017 and 2018, the turbocharger."
The new generation of engines is the full embodiment of Audi's "appropriate displacement" concept, which is better than the engine miniaturization and low speed. According to Audi Motor Company gasoline engine early development business person in charge Dr. RainerWurms said: "the engine miniaturization and low speed must be with the car, engine power and the actual efficacy requirements to achieve accurate matching. And the appropriate displacement is to achieve a balance between such factors. The application of the turbocharger is the core of this idea. We are very pleased to be able to close cooperation with our partners in the development of the mainland, and in its support to find the best solution."
As RAAX (meaning "radial axial"), this name shows that the most important innovation of continental group, which is the most important innovation achievement, is to improve the design of the turbine. And at present the vast majority of ordinary gasoline engine turbocharger is different, the continental group of New Radial Turbocharger original use of radial exhaust gas imports, the formation of radial axial (radial / axial flow) inlet. At the same time, matching with the special design of the blade, the turbine inertia sharply reduced by about 40%. This means that turbocharger on the engine load changes, the reaction time can be quickened, and the resulting in faster formation of boost and the turbo lag is reduced to the minimum. In addition to the reaction time can be significantly reduced, RAAX technology can make the engine life efficiency increased by 3%, thereby reducing the effect of emission reduction.
High stability and reliability
In addition, we also use a new solution for exhaust gas bypass valve, it can prevent the engine output power is too high when the booster too fast. Our turbocharger team in this regard to give full play to the internal synergies, because the mainland group's existing technology product line has been very reliable electronic emission control system for use. In the new turbocharger, the exhaust gas discharge system is adjusted, which enables the actuator / exhaust gas to achieve a very reliable connection.
Super stability is the characteristics of the continental group all turbocharger, the whole automatic production system to make this advantage to strengthen. Conventional turbocharger assembly process, which also requires manual assembly, and the continental group turbocharger all parts are designed using a fully automated single shaft assembly. Continental group in the production process of the application of intelligent quality control method for the turbocharger market has set a new quality benchmark.
"Thermodynamic and transient response criteria"
Continental turbocharger product line is responsible for UdoSchwerdel said: "we RAAX? Turbocharger at present has become thermodynamics and transient response speed of the standard, coupled with reliable design and high quality. It has been the preferred equipment for all of our development projects. Because we have adopted the advanced standard production method, the high quality standard can obtain the greater safeguard, these production methods will also apply to our new factory." At present, the Czech Republic Chu ratnoff is continental exclusive production of new turbocharger factory, but Chinese factories have been under construction. Schwerdel said: "from the beginning of 2017, the Chinese plant will be more production projects for the production of turbo charger. At the same time in the construction of the North American plant, is expected to be put into operation in 2018, and now has received a lot of production orders."
Turbocharger for all power ranges - innovative solutions based on
Continental group's gasoline engine turbocharger product line is suitable for all power ranges in the automotive segment. From the mainland group for Ford 1 liter EcoBoost gasoline machine installing turbocharger and get involved in the market is beginning, Continental, a steady stream of innovation to solve scheme makes the person impression deep, including world first by aluminum vortex shell car turbocharger. This is an efficient water cooled turbocharger, installed in 2014 for the first time in 1.5 of the