Independent high pressure common rail research and development to achieve new results

Emission standards are more stringent. High pressure common rail technology is increasingly sought after by the industry.
Early in four, the full implementation of emission standards in the country, soon in five has been on the agenda of industry. According to the "strengthening the car oil co-ordination to accelerate the motor vehicle pollution control program", 2016 onwards in the region of Beijing Tianjin Hebei region, the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and other key cities full implementation of the fifth stage of gasoline and diesel vehicle emissions standards. In fact, whether it is the country three to upgrade the country four, or the four phase of the country to upgrade the five phase, the high pressure common rail diesel engine emissions to upgrade the mainstream technology. Recently, Jilin University Automotive Engineering Department of internal combustion engine, Sun Wanchen told reporters that the country's five product competition, the key lies in the performance of high pressure common rail products.
Bosch, electricity, Delphi and other representatives of the international component suppliers in the four countries is not fully implemented before has well in advance the layout of the market. After the implementation of the four countries, the rapid occupation of foreign enterprises in China's high pressure common rail market. Although with foreign technology development and market expansion speed compared, China's own brand enterprises in the overall development of the industry lags behind in foreign-funded enterprises, but also in expediting, through its own development gradually narrowed the distance with foreign parts.
April 16, Ministry of science and high technology center for the organization of expert of 863 modern traffic technology theme of automobile power assembly key technology research of diesel engine electronic control high pressure common rail fuel injection system for the inspection, the subject completed by Liaoning newwind Enterprise Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the fresh air) has been the acceptance of experts unanimously agreed, successfully passed the acceptance. This marks a new breakthrough in the core technology of China's five engine. This research can reduce the dependence on foreign enterprises and scientific research institutions in the key technologies and key parts of the diesel engine industry, and promote the independent innovation capability of the domestic diesel engine industry. Sun Wanchen said.
In the enterprises to complete the project 863
In 2012, the Ministry of science and technology set up 863 21 topics, including 11 diesel related topics, emissions levels are five or six of the eu. 4~6 months, these projects continue to enter the acceptance period. The diesel engine electronically controlled high pressure common rail fuel injection system is the first one through the acceptance of the subject.
Issue to carry out the electric controlled high-pressure co rail fuel system simulation, parameter matching and optimization design technology, and response analysis of high speed solenoid valve motion, high pressure pump, fuel injection controller dynamics analysis and research; independent development of the high-pressure pump, common rail pipe and fuel injector assembly, ECU Hardware and software system; the completion of the high pressure common rail system reliability test, the engine matching and calibration.
2012 to 2015, the new wind in accordance with the plan to do a lot of work. In 2012, fresh air is mainly done in the development and testing of the mechanical components of the product design, the ECU Hardware; 2013 for a total of five rail parts of the test, ECU software development and the prototype were prepared; 2014 launch engine emission calibration, optimization and common rail system reliability testing.
In the electronic components, fresh air to complete the meet of five standard ECU (electronic control unit) development and design; complete platform of electronic control unit (ECU) hardware development, meet the requirements of the national five stage different customer functionality and reliability; electronic control unit system function development and software development, formation control strategy based on torque control of dynamical systems integration; to complete the engine calibration.
There is a breakthrough in product reliability
Fresh air research and development of the common rail system to achieve the two breakthroughs: one is the domestic common rail system products of injection pressure from 1600bar to 1800bar, can meet the national standard of five; reliability and stability is the current domestic and foreign Co rail system biggest difference. Sun Wanchen told reporters. And according to the project of the people building Di Ming understand that the new research and development of the common rail system second points of a new breakthrough is reflected in the reliability and stability of the product.
According to reports, the new wind research and development is the third generation of the international common rail technology. Product reliability and stability is reflected in the mechanical system of electronic unit pump engineering structure design, such as fresh air is rail injector is a hole accumulation pressure without leakage of injector and the hole storage pressure without leakage injector control plunger and the cone valve type switch which is composed of hydraulic control cavity and the injector body center hole cavity are high pressure chamber, between the injection can not no hydraulic difference, so between the coupling parts without high pressure difference, there is no fuel leakage. Needle valve hole and injector body cavity communicated with pressure oil cavity, does not exist between the pressure difference, so nozzle matching parts gap is not produced high voltage leakage. The pore pressure accumulation without static leakage injector only a pair of matching parts, between the needle and the needle valve is no longer even, therefore between the needle and the needle body stuck to greatly reduce the probability. At the same time, there is no needle valve and needle valve body between the wear caused by leakage increases the failure mode. The middle hole pressure storage and pressure free static leakage injector structure is simple, and the processing cost is improved. Its unique structure designed to improve the sealing reliability of the fuel injector, reduce the sensitivity to fuel cleanliness, improve the reliability and stability of the country's five products.
The industrialization ability and maturity of fresh air is the biggest competitive power of the new system. According to reports, the new system of high pressure common rail system developed 400 thousand sets of annual production capacity, the maturity of the product has been the test of industrialization.