ADM 800

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Main Characteristics:
For testing and calibrating:
1.Mechanical in-line pumps and distributor pumps
2.Electronic control VE pumps and in-line pumps high pressure common rail pumps: BOSCH CP1, CP2, CP3, DELPHI, SIMENS, DENSO HP0, HP2, HP3 PUMP
3.Common rail injectors
4.The testing database could be updated
5.Check and calibrate automatically give out the testing report
6.With industrial computer, more stable and reliable
Technical Specification:
1.Power:11Kw/15Kw/18.5Kw/22Kw etc
2.Rated Voltage:220V/380V/415V
3.Rated Voltage:50/60HZ
4.Cylinders: 6/12
5.Speed Range: 0--4000rpm.
6.Temperature Control Range: 42℃, Accuracy:±2℃
7.Backflow pressure control range:0--3 bar
8.Feed Volume Measurement Range:0--45L/H
9.Return Volume Measurement Range:0--400L/H
10.Max pressure:2000 bar